SAAP Grad Student Travel Grants

The Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy gladly supports travel expenses for graduate students who get selected for the program for our annual meeting. The amount we can offer varies from year to year, depending upon how much our treasury has to contribute to the annual meeting itself. It won’t be full funding of unreimbursed expenses, but it will be enough to help nicely. We do not expect to be the sole source of funding, though the other source may be personal. In order to budget for the grants, all applications for assistance should be submitted no later than March 1, prior to the meeting. Then, within two weeks after the meeting, you will need to send me an accounting of your expenses, including copies of receipts for lodging, travel, etc. Also, let me know what other funding you received, if any, whether you shared expenses (e.g., split a room), etc.

Send this application form, by email, to Bill Myers at no later than March 1. Expense reports should be submitted within two weeks after the meeting.