Welcome to the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP). SAAP exists to advance scholarship and teaching in the diverse areas of American Philosophy. Work on figures and issues in American pragmatism, American idealism, American naturalism, American transcendentalism, and process philosophy are encouraged. The society also supports collaborative transactions between these strains of American thought with feminism, indigenous philosophies, African American philosophy, Latin American and Latinx philosophies, post-colonialism, and race theories, to name just a few. Equally important is SAAP’s support of the application of these theories to particular issues, such as injustice, poverty, food, war, animals, and the environment.

I am part of a group which is trying to start a new society. We want to bring together scholars interested in both the history of American Philosophy and contemporary philosophy…

— The origins of SAAP as written by Beth J. Singer, Professor Emerita, CUNY