2019 Feminist-Pragmatist Colloquium Logistics

Dear FP Colloquium Attendee:

We are looking forward to soon welcoming you to Rochester for the 2019 Feminist-Pragmatist Colloquium!  (Detailed schedule attached.)  Below, please find important information regarding various logistics.  Apologies in advance for the long email. 

         THURSDAY, 11/14 – Mt. Hope Cemetery Tour & Wine and Dine

  • 2:45 p.m. –  If you are joining us for the Mt. Hope Cemetery Tour, please meet us in the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn, 30 Celebration Drive (Rochester/University & Medical Center location) at 2:45 p.m.   We will then walk, as a group to Mt. Hope Cemetery for our tour. 
  • 6:00 pm – For those who have registered for Wine and Dine (A separate email, specific to this event, will be sent out Monday), we will meet at the Grappa restaurant at 6 p.m. (Address: 30 Celebration Drive, next to hotel).  PLEASE NOTE:  Registration is limited.  The venue can only accommodate 18 guests.  If you are not able to register for this event or choose not to, please know that there are plenty of dining options directly in the vicinity of the hotel.
  • If you have any questions about the Mt. Hope Cemetery tour or the Wine and Dine, please email Katie Terezakis (terezak@rit.edu).

    • After retrieving your luggage, call the Hilton Garden Inn and request Hotel shuttle pick-up.    Call: (585) 424-4404 (select guest services #2)   Hilton Garden Inn Rochester/ University & Medical Center 
    • Of course, you may instead choose to take a taxi, rent a car, or call an Uber.  Taxi and car rental services are available at the airport.  The hotel address is 30 Celebration Drive, Rochester 14620.
  • FRIDAY, November 15  & Saturday, November 16
    • Shuttle/van transportation will be available at the times and locations noted below:
TimePickup LocationDrop-off Location
8:00 –  8:40 a.m.(shuttles/vans looping)Hilton Garden Inn(30 Celebration Drive, meet in lobby)St. John Fisher College(Ralph Wilson School of Education)
4:45 p.m.   (shuttles/Vans)St. John Fisher College(Ralph Wilson School of Education)Susan B. Anthony House(17 Madison Street, Rochester)
4:45 p.m.  (host cars/mini-vans)St. John Fisher College(Ralph Wilson School of Education)Hilton Garden Inn
8:45 p.m.(shuttles/vans)Susan B. Anthony HouseHilton Garden Inn
8:30 a.m.(tour bus)Hilton Garden InnSeneca Falls, New York: Women’s Rights Museum, Welcome Center (Seneca Falls, New York)
8:30 p.m.(tour bus)Gould Hotel, Seneca FallsHilton Garden Inn, Rochester
  • If you miss the shuttle/van on Friday… Should you miss the shuttle/van, there are a few options:  1) a van will loop back to the hotel after the first drop off so you may be in luck!, 2) the hotel provides shuttles and indicated they could transport some to St. John Fisher, if needed, or 3) taxi or Uber. 
  • If you miss the tour bus on Saturday… We do not have backup transportation and a taxi or Uber to or from Seneca Falls will be your only option and will be expensive so DON’T MISS IT!   
  • Text Barb (585-281-1406) or Katie (585-813-1090) if you miss the shuttle/van or otherwise find yourself stranded and out of options!
  • PARKING (for those who drive themselves):  Please enter St. John Fisher College at the main entrance at 3690 East Avenue.  Parking is available in lots A, C, E, and I.    Please place the parking pass in the dash of your vehicle.  Once parked, make your way to Golisano Gateway.  Thanks you! (Campus map and parking pass attached.)

    Check-in will be at the Golisano Gateway at St. John Fisher College on Friday, November 15 with the exception of those joining us for the Mt. Hope Cemetery Tour and/or the Wine and Dine


    If you are presenting as part of a panel or participating in a Scholars’ Circle (SC), please see the attached detailed schedule and note the time and location of your panel or SC.  In a few cases, it was necessary to adjust the time of your presentation due to shifts in registration and in order to offer the best program and thematic alignments among the panels and Scholar Circles as possible.  We thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding. 

  • I registered ages ago and I don’t remember for what I have registered?

    When you registered, you should have received a reply email receipt from “FPC Registration Form” (please check your Inbox as well as your Junk Mail).  This receipt will include for what you have registered.  The possible items include:
    • Mt. Hope Cemetery Tour & Frederick Douglass No Soil Better Tour [Limit 30] 11/14
    • SJFC Conference Events 11/15  (Includes keynote, panel presentations, & Scholars’ Circle but does NOT include lunch)
    • Buffett Lunch & Akwaaba Historical Reenactors 11/15
    • Susan B. Anthony House Tour, Dinner & Keynote 11/15
    • Women’s Rights Historical Park in Seneca Falls 11/16

      (As noted above, the Wine and Dine is a separate registration and will offer you a separate receipt but from the similar “sender”, “FP Colloquium Committee”)
  • I can’t find the receipt, despite your very helpful instructions, but I know I registered.  What do I do? 

    Email Barb and we will sort it out!  (blowe@sjfc.edu)
  • I would now like to register for something that is not on my receipt.  Can I still do so? 

    YES!, you may do so using the registration website for all events listed.  To register for an additional event (events) simply go to the registration site and opt for only those events you have not already registered for but wish now to add.  The registration site location is:  https://american-philosophy.org/news-events/2019-feminist-pragmatist-philosophy-colloquium/

    The only exception is the Susan B. Anthony House tour, dinner, and keynote.  Adding this by registering at the website is no longer possible but you can register by emailing Barb directly. The cost is $30, payable by check or cash at time of check-in.  However, please let me know NOW if you plan to do so.  I will add you to the list as registered but not paid and, importantly, adjust the catering accordingly.  I want to make sure we have the appropriate amount of food!

  • I need a break and would rather eat lunch on my own than attend the organized lunch and performance (“Buffett Lunch & Akwaaba Historical Reenactors”).  Are there other lunch options available?

    Yes, we have the Cyber Café located directly downstairs from the main conference area as well as a fantastic dining hall (ranked among the best in New York State) at which you can buy your own lunch.

  • I do not plan to go to the Susan B. Anthony House events.  Will there be other options?

    There will not be any other officially planned options; however, you are certainly welcome to make your own plans.  We will provide transportation back to the Hilton Garden Inn after the SJFC Colloquium events for those who are not planning to join us at the SBAH.  There are various dining options in the Hotel area.  Your conference folders will also offer alternative ideas for entertainment.  There is lots to do in Rochester!
  • Unfortunately, I can no longer attend the Colloquium, what should I do? 

    We would appreciate you notifying us directly so we can adjust things on our end.  This conference is small enough so that a person here or there that is not coming will make significant differences in our planning and, especially, our budget.  Please email Barb directly with your change in plans (blowe@sjfc.edu).

    And a final note, there are LOTS of moving parts (and people) for this Colloquium!  We appreciate in advance your patience.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon!

    All the best,

    The FP Colloquium Committee:
    Barb Lowe, SJFC                                  Katie Terezakis, RIT
    Tim Madigan, SJFC                              Rob Ruehl, SJFC
    Jill Swienicki, SJFC                               David Martins, RIT