/ Syllabi in American Philosophy

Syllabi in American Philosophy

“American Idealism–Personalist Ethics” (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
“American Idealism–Royce & Hocking” (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
“American Mind” syllabus (K. Stikkers) is here.
“American Philosophy” syllabus (K. Parker) is here (PDF)
“American Philosophy, History of” (T. Ruetenik) is here (PDF)
“American Philosophy” syllabus (V. Colapietro) is here (DOC)
“American Philosophy” syllabus (C. Hobbs) is here (DOC)
“American Philosophy” syllabus (L. McBride) is here (DOC)
“American Philosophy” syllabus (S. Rosenbaum) is here (DOC)
“American Philosophy–20th Century” (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
“American Pragmatism” syllabus (D. Hildebrand) is here (DOC)
“Classical American Pragmatism” syllabus (T. MacMullan) is here (DOC)
“Contemporary Pragmatism” (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
“Contemporary Pragmatism-Rorty Putnam West” (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)

“Philosophy in the Progressive Era: John Dewey, Jane Addams and W.E.B. DuBois” syllabus (L. Heldke) is here. (pdf)
“Jane Addams and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: American Philosophers at the Turn of the Century” syllabus (L. Heldke) is here. (pdf)
“Jane Addams” syllabus (L. McBride) is here. (pdf)
“James and Dewey” syllabus (Charlie Hobbs) is here (DOC)
“John Dewey” syllabus (A.G. Rud) is here (DOC)
“John Dewey” syllabus (Tom Alexander) 2008 is here and 2005 is here (DOC)
“John Dewey” syllabus (David Hildebrand) is here (DOC)
“John Dewey and Pragmatism in Public Policy” syllabus (S. Ralston) is here (DOC)

“Latin American Philosophy” syllabus (T. MacMullan) is here (DOC)
“Philosophy of Art” syllabus (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
“Philosophy Americana” syllabus (L. McBride) is here. (DOC)
“Pragmatism and Rhetoric” (S. Stroud) is here (DOC)
“Pragmatism” (S. Haack) is here (.doc) and companion text is here. (.pdf)
“Pragmatism” syllabus (L. McBride) is here. (DOC)
“Pragmatism” with Peirce emphasis (C. Legg) is here. (DOC)
“Process Philosophy” (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
“Process Philosophy-Seminar on Whiteheads Process and Reality” (R. Auxier) is here(DOC)

“Rorty” (R. Goodman) is here (DOC)
“Santayana” (M. Coleman) is here (DOC)
“Santayana’s Critique of America (M. Coleman) is here (DOC)