/ CFP: The Handbook of the Philosophies of America

CFP: The Handbook of the Philosophies of America

Call for Papers

The Handbook of the Philosophies of America

Bloomsbury Academic


Bloomsbury is soliciting contributions to The Handbook of the Philosophies of America that will be a research guide to accompany The Philosophies of America Reader, edited by Kim Díaz and Mathew Foust in 2021. 

The Philosophies of America Reader made a significant contribution to the rapidly expanding field of Inter-American philosophy by anthologizing a collection of texts by African American, Asian American, Native American, Caribbean, and Latin American philosophers that represents the full breadth of philosophy across the Americas. The accompanying handbook will collect new research that will expand upon and support this pluralistic approach to American philosophy, making it more accessible to researchers, educators and university students. 

While scholars of American philosophy have expanded the canon of American philosophy in recent decades, the challenge of engaging primary texts persists. Scholars interested in contributing to Inter-American research and instructors committed to greater representation in class material often lack the adequate background to do so responsibly. To that end, this handbook will collect new essays, written by young and established scholars working at the forefront of this expanding field, that guide the reader towards a clearer understanding of a broadly conceived American philosophy. 


The 25-30 entries that will comprise this handbook would be grouped by the same five-part structure as The Philosophies of America Reader anthology: 

Part I: Selfhood and Identity
Part II: Knowing and Learning
Part III: Aesthetics and Spirituality
Part IV: Ethics and Community
Part V: Violence and Peace

Entries might engage deeply with a particular significant text or thinker or they might contextualize critical debates and movements across American philosophies. A range of methodologies, theories and approaches are welcome, so long as they contribute to the understanding of a wide range of North and Latin American philosophical thought. Potential contributors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the anthology before crafting an essay. 

Submission details:

Length: We are currently soliciting abstracts of 150-250 words. Final entries will be between 7,000 and 10,000 words.

Topic: Each essay should have a clearly stated focus that relates directly to a topic, debate or thinker present in The Philosophies of America Reader anthology. Essays might focus on a single primary text or might offer an overview of a relevant topic or debate. 

Style: This collection is intended to serve primarily as a research tool for scholars interested in the field of Inter-American philosophy. However, depending on the submissions received, it might also serve as a textbook for upper-level undergraduate or graduate classes. To that end, submissions should strive to offer content that is valuable to a scholarly audience but also accessible to a student audience 

Suggested Abstract Submission Structure: Abstracts should include a title that clearly describes the content of the essay as well as the texts or authors that are the focus of the essay. Example: “Educating Citizens Through Problems: Pedagogical Philosophies of Booker T. Washington and Anísio Teixeira.” Abstracts should be clearly located within the five-part structure of the Díaz and Faust anthology. Finally, it should outline the central theme, argument or text that will be the focus of the essay and conclude with 5-10 keywords that categorize the essay. 

Deadline for Abstract: April 15, 2024

Estimated deadline for Submissions: September 1, 2025

Send questions and submissions to the Volume Editor, Terrance MacMullan, at . (Please send submissions as Word ( .docx ) documents).