/ CFA: Scholars Circle at SAAP 2022

CFA: Scholars Circle at SAAP 2022

CFA: Scholars Circle at SAAP 2022

A workshop session to be offered at the


March 10 – 12, 2022 

Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida 

(4 miles from downtown Orlando)

We are excited to invite abstract submission to the Scholars Circle, a workshop session to be offered at the 49th Annual Meeting of SAAP. Before submitting, please read the following information in full. Thank you. We look forward to receiving your abstracts.

What is the Scholars Circle?

At its most basic level, a Scholars Circle is a writing workshop, in which participants share and receive feedback on developing projects. Participants will be thoughtfully grouped into “Circles” with attention to each individual’s areas of focus and stage in academic career. At the Scholars Circle session, participants will be led through a process of mutual sharing, feedback, and reflection.

Scholars Circle and American Philosophies

Embracing the pragmatist guiding idea that knowledge and creative problem solving is best pursued when in collaboration with others, the Scholars Circle strives to make space for this kind of engagement and to do so from an early stage in the writing process. The intention is to provide what Jane Addams refers to as “channels” through which our moral and intellectual energies can flow and, with this, allow for complex problem solving and creative, even aesthetic thinking that would otherwise not be possible.

Process for Consideration and Format of Session

For the purpose of this SAAP Scholars Circle session, participants submit a 300-400 word abstract of a work in progress. Facilitators will then create “Circles” consisting of 3-4 individuals, grouping the participants with attention to abstract content, scholarly experience, and stage of academic career (e.g. graduate students, tenured professors, instructors, tenure-track instructors, independent scholars, etc.)

Please Note:

  • While interested individuals may submit an abstract for the Scholars Circle session and also, under a separate process, a paper for the regular conference program, these should be separate projects. Duplicate submissions will not be accepted.
  • All individuals, regardless of the stage of their career, are encouraged to submit. We hope to form diverse Circles, including diversity of academic experience.
  • Given that the Scholars Circle is a workshop and not a competitive session (we will accept as many submissions as the room can handle), participating in the SC does not preclude also presenting on other parts of the program.


Deadline Extended to December 1st!

Review of Abstracts: December 1 – December 15

Invitations Emailed: On or before December 20th

Submission Instructions:

Interested individuals should submit a 300-400 word abstract and complete the submission form available here:

As already noted, individuals may submit an abstract to the Scholars Circle and also submit a paper for regular program consideration; however, the projects submitted must be different projects. Duplicate submissions (or different submissions on the same work) will not be accepted. We encourage you to use this opportunity to dust off a forgotten project, to begin work on a budding idea, or consider floating a non-traditional project for Scholar Circle collaborative feedback and development.

Any questions should be directed to Barb Lowe,, or Anthony Neal,, Program Committee Co-Chairs for SAAP 2022.