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/ The Inter-American Philosophy Award

The Inter-American Philosophy Award

The Committee on Inter-American Relations will present the Inter-American Philosophy Award to the best submitted paper concerning Latin American, Latino/a, or indigenous philosophies across the Americas that is presented at the Annual Meeting. The Award includes a cash prize, and the winning paper will be published in The Inter-American Journal of Philosophy.

Past Recipients

2022  Scott Pratt “(Mis)Trust and Pragmatism as Grounded Normativity”

2021  Anna Cook, “Indigenizing Philosophy on Stolen Lands: A Worry about Settler Philosophical Guardianship”

2020  Alex Stehn and Mariana Alessandri “La Mexicana en la Chicana: The Mexican Sources of Anzaldúa’s Inter-American Philosophy”

2019  Terrence MacMullan, “John Dewey, Juan Bautista Alberdi and Inter-American Philosophical Responses to Caudillismo”

2018  Christopher Tirres, “Spiritual Activism and Praxis: Assessing Gloria Anzaldúa’s Light In The Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro

2017  Lauren Eichler “Countering Dehumanization in Genocide: Paulo Freire and Thomas Norton-Smith on Humans and Animals.”

2016  Gregory Pappas, “Zapatismo, Luis Villoro, and American Pragmatism: On Democracy, Power, and Injustice”

2015  Not awarded

2014  Terrance MacMullan “Pragmatism as Gunship Philosophy: Jose Vasconcelos’ Critique of John Dewey”

2013  Terrence MacMullan, “Fact, Propaganda or Legitimate Aspiration? Frondizi on the Philosophic Unity of the Two Americas”