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/ The Inter-American Philosophy Award

The Inter-American Philosophy Award

The Committee on Inter-American Relations will present the Inter-American Philosophy Award to the best submitted paper concerning Latin American, Latino/a, or indigenous philosophies across the Americas that is presented at the Annual Meeting. The Award includes a cash prize, and the winning paper will be published in The Inter-American Journal of Philosophy.

Past Recipients

2024 Juan Carlos Gonzales “Inter-American Perspectives on the US Latinx: Marti, Locke, and Uranga”

2023 Juan Carlos Gonzalez “A Revised Existentialist Look at the Americans (or what Simone De Beauvoir should have learned from the Mexistentialists)”

2022  Scott Pratt “(Mis)Trust and Pragmatism as Grounded Normativity”

2021  Anna Cook, “Indigenizing Philosophy on Stolen Lands: A Worry about Settler Philosophical Guardianship”

2020  Alex Stehn and Mariana Alessandri “La Mexicana en la Chicana: The Mexican Sources of Anzaldúa’s Inter-American Philosophy”

2019  Terrence MacMullan, “John Dewey, Juan Bautista Alberdi and Inter-American Philosophical Responses to Caudillismo”

2018  Christopher Tirres, “Spiritual Activism and Praxis: Assessing Gloria Anzaldúa’s Light In The Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro

2017  Lauren Eichler “Countering Dehumanization in Genocide: Paulo Freire and Thomas Norton-Smith on Humans and Animals.”

2016  Gregory Pappas, “Zapatismo, Luis Villoro, and American Pragmatism: On Democracy, Power, and Injustice”

2015  Not awarded

2014  Terrance MacMullan “Pragmatism as Gunship Philosophy: Jose Vasconcelos’ Critique of John Dewey”

2013  Terrence MacMullan, “Fact, Propaganda or Legitimate Aspiration? Frondizi on the Philosophic Unity of the Two Americas”