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/ Joseph L. Blau Prize

Joseph L. Blau Prize

This prize is offered to the author of the paper that makes the most significant contribution to the history of American Philosophy from colonial times to the recent present. The Blau Prize is made possible through the generosity of Professor Peter Hare.

Past Recipients

2024 Scott Pratt, “Logic and Colonization in North America”

2023 Philip Yaure, “Hope and Despair in the Political Thought of David Walker”

2022  Judy Whipps, “Florence Kelley: Pragmatist, Feminist, Socialist”

2021  Scott Stroud, “Recovering the Story of Pragmatism in India: Bhimrao Ambedkar, John Dewey, and the Demands of Social Democracy”

2020 Yarran Hominh “Dewey and the Tragedy of the Human Condition”

2019  Ermine Algaier, “Correcting Perry’s Misleading Narrative: Historicizing James’s ‘Shady Excursions’ into Phrenology”

2018  Seth Vanatta, “Justice Holmes, The Social Darwinist”

2017  Todd Lekan “Who are Moral Philosophers? Ethics James Style”

2016  Youjin Kong, “Feminism and Historicist Universalism: A Critical Analysis of Richard Rorty’s Anti-Universalism”

2015  Michael Jonik, Mind and Matter in Early America: The Berkeley-Johnson Correspondence”

2014  Marilyn Fischer “Addams on Cultural Pluralism, European Immigrants, and African Americans”

2013  Marilyn Fischer, “Reading Addams’s Democracy and Social Ethics as a Social Gospel, Evolutionary Idealist Text”

2012  Naoko Saito, “Is Thoreau More Cosmopolitan Than Dewey”

2011  Charlene Seigfried, “Democracy as a Way of Life: Addams’s Pragmatist Influence on Dewey”

2010  Tom Burke, “Empiricism, Pragmatism, and the Settlement Movement”

2009  Thomas Alexander, “Dewey and Buchler on the Being of Nature”

2008  Ray Boisvert, The Will to Power Versus the Will to Prayer: William Barrett’s The Illusion of Technique Thirty Years Later

2007  Todd Lekan, “Appreciating the Impersonal in Emerson (That’s What Friends Are For)”