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Jane Addams Prize

The Jane Addams Prize recognizes excellence in feminist scholarship in papers presented at the annual meeting on issues in feminist thought as they occur in American philosophies, including their intersections with race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, (dis)ability and age, etc. Complete papers submitted as part of a panel are also eligible.

Past Recipients

2024 Michaila Peters, “Weaving Peace in Rural America: Jane Addams’ Participatory Path Beyond Poverty-Driven Political Conflict”

2023 Mariana Alessandri, “Anger in a Perilous Environment: Maria Lugones”

2022  Erin Tarver, “Women’s Basketball as Democratic Practice: Addams on Recreation and Sport”

2021  Parysa Mostajir, “Conjoint Communicated Experience: Art as an Instrument of Democracy”

2020 Tess Varner “Transformative Hospitality: A Pragmatist-Feminist Perspective on Radical Welcome as Resistance”

2019  Danielle Lake, “Pragmatist Feminism as Philosophic-Activism: The {R}evolution of Grace Lee Boggs”

2018  Christopher Tirres, “Spiritual Activism and Praxis: Assessing Gloria Anzaldúa’s Light In The Dark/luz En Lo Oscuro

2017  Shireen Roshanravan “Asian American Feminist Visibility and the Coalitional Imperative”

2016  Margaret Newton, “Philosophical, Existential Letter Writing: A Look at SorJuana Ines De La Cruz’s ‘Reply’ and Gloria Anzaldúa’s ‘Speaking in Tongues’”

2015  Marilyn Fischer, “A Pluralistic Universe in Twenty Years”

2014  Danielle Lake “Jane Addams and Wicked Problems: Putting the Pragmatic Method to Use”

2013  Denise James, “Reading Anna J. Cooper with William James: Black Feminist Visionary Pragmatism, Philosophy’s Culture of Justification, and Belief”

2012  Carol Hay, “Justice and Objectivity for Pragmatists: Cosmopolitanism in the Work of Martha Nussbaum and Jane Addams”

2011  John Kaag, “Narrative and Moral Psychology in the Philosophy of Ella Lyman Cabot”

2010 Amrita Banerjee, “Reorienting the Ethics of Transnational Surrogacy as a Feminist Pragmatist”

2009 Maurice Hamington, “Feminist Prophetic Pragmatism”

2008 Barbara Lowe, “Receptive Perception, Particularized Justice, and Aesthetic Moral Agency”