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/ Ila and John Mellow Prize

Ila and John Mellow Prize

This award recognizes excellence in advancing the American philosophical tradition toward the resolution of current personal, social and political problems. The Ila and John Mellow Prize of $250 is offered to the person whose paper is judged to be the best in:

  • developing the treasure house of methods and ideas beyond the stage they are found in the classical works of American philosophy, or
  • relating these ideas and methods to contemporary issues with a view to enhancing our understanding of current problems or our ability to resolve them.

The Prize is offered in the memory of Ila and John Mellow, parents of Shirley Mellow Lachs, whose sound common sense made them the embodiments of the practical philosophy of America, and is made possible through the generosity of John and Shirley Lachs.

Past Recipients

2024 Bjørn Ralf Kristensen, “Consequentialism in the Works of John Dewey and Peter Singer:Considering the Case of Effective Altruism”

2023 Amanda Dubrule, “Radical Democracy: John Dewey and Angela Y. Davis on Pluralism and Prisons”

2022  Tess Varner, “Jane Addams and the 21st Century Refugee Resettlement: Toward the Substitution of Nurture for Warfare”

2021  Amanda Dubrule, “Gender and Habit: Dewey and Young on Embodiment and Transformation”

2020  Philip Yaure “On Plantation Politics: Citizenship and Antislavery Resistance in Douglass’s My Bondage and My Freedom”

2019  Lauren Eichler and David Baumeister, “Rethinking Conservation for Inclusivity: An Indigenous Critique of The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation”

2018  Tadd Ruetenik, “Jane Addams, ‘Pragmatic’ Compromise, and Anti-War Pragmatism

2017  Celia Bardwell-Jones “Placental Ethics: Addressing Colonial Legacies and Imagining Culturally Safe and Pragmatic Response to Health Care in Hawai’I”

2016  Anna Cook, “Intra-American Philosophy in Practice: Indigenous Voice, Felt Knowledge, and Settler Denial”

2015  Gregory Pappas, “The Pragmatists’ Approach to Injustice”

2014  Susan Dieleman “Locating Rorty: Feminism & Poststructuralism, Experience, & Language”

2013  Joshua Skorburg, “Beyond Embodiment: John Dewey and the Integrated Mind”

2012  Shane Ralston, “A Deweyan Defense of Guerrilla Gardening”

2011  Felicia Kruse, “Temporality in Musical Meaning: A Peircean/Deweyan Semiotic Approach”

2010  Heath Atchley, “Attention, Affirmation, and the Spiritual Law of Gravity”

2009  Christopher Voparil, “Jonquils and Wild Orchids: James and Rorty on the Politics of Sentiment”

2008  Judy Whipps, “‘Learn to Earn’: A Pragmatist Response to Contemporary Dialogues About Industrial Education”

2007  Naoko Saito, “Philosophy as Translation: American Philosophy, Perfectionism and Cross-cultural Understanding”