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/ Douglass Greenlee Prize

Douglass Greenlee Prize

This is awarded to the best paper presented at the annual meeting by either a graduate student or a person holding a Ph.D. for no more than five years. Eligible submitters should make explicit mention in their submission that they wish to be considered for the prize.

Past Recipients

2024 Andrew Lopez, “It’s Just a Joke: Thinking Online Politics with Jorge Portilla”

2023 Denise Meda Calderon, “A Unique Response to Death: Day of the Dead Fiestas and Communal Articulations of Resistance.”

2022  Denise Meda Calderon, “Decolonial Movidas: Maria Lugones’ Notion of Aesthesis Through Cosmologies”

2021  Anna Cook, “Indigenizing Philosophy on Stolen Lands: A Worry about Settler Philosophical Guardianship”

2020 Margaret Newton and Rebekah Sinclair, “A/parecernos: Rethinking the Multiplicitous Self as ‘Haunted’ with Anzaldua, La Malinche, and Other Ghosts”

2019  Margaret Newton, “Is Prescribing ‘White Shame’ Possible? A Pragmatist-Phenomenological Examination”

2018  Emma McClure, “What’s Aggressive About Microaggressions?”

2017  Danielle Lake “Dialogue, Integration, and Action: Empowering Students, Empowering Community”

2016  Kara Barnette, “Haunting Guilt, Communities Of Memory, and the Process of Atonement”

2015  Zachary Piso, “Integration, Values, and Well-Ordered Interdisciplinary Science”

2014  Ermine Algaier “Epistemic Sensitivity & the Alogical: William James, Psychical Research, and the Radical Empiricist Attitude.”

2013  David Henderson, “Bugbee’s Wilderness: Metaphysical and Montanan”

2012  Timothy McCune, “Dewey’s Dilemma: Eugenics, Education, and the Art of Living”

2011  Lucas McGranahan, “William James’s Social Evolutionism in Focus”

2010  Robert Main, “The Frontier and Fallabilism: Toward ‘A More Perfect Union’ of Peirce’s Philosophy”

2009  Mathew Foust, “Pugnacity, Pacifism, and Peace: Addams, Calkins, and the Moral Equivalent of War”

2008  Barbara Lowe, “Receptive Perception, Particularized Justice, and Aesthetic Moral Agency”

2007  David Rondel, “Equality, Luck, and Pragmatism”