/ The Pluralist Associate Editor Announcement

The Pluralist Associate Editor Announcement

Dear SAAP,

I am pleased to announce Sunny Williams as Associate Editor of the Pluralist. She will facilitate email correspondence, reviewer assignments, and better utilizing the web platform for submission and editing submissions. Please find her introduction below.

Though my long-neglected passport reads “Sunshine,” and I can say this name in various languages, I prefer the more casual “Sunny” Williams. I am a PhD student at The University of Texas at Dallas, where my philosophy studies are focused on philosophy of race and social/political philosophy. I’m interested in how these systems of power construct our identity and narrate our social experiences. My draw towards The Pluralist and the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy stems from a desire to acknowledge these systems, which originated across Europe but perpetuate in a dominant way in the U.S., and to utilize philosophy to educate and enlighten minds towards a building of better systems that function in more egalitarian ways. Advancement, for me, means not only uplifting philosophy as a necessary area of study, but also progressing philosophy in a way that makes it accessible, meaningful, and helpful to everyone. I am immensely excited and honored to join The Pluralist as the Associate Editor, and I look forward to realizing this advancement alongside a wonderful team of philosophers!

Roger Ward
Editor, The Pluralist