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Resources: Studying and Teaching

Graduate Study

There are several places to find information about graduate study in American philosophy and pragmatism. Questions about graduate programs should be directed to their graduate adviser, and not to SAAP.

American Philosophy Graduate Programs (Wiki). This wiki provides an unranked list of Ph.D. and terminal M.A. programs that have strengths in American Philosophy. Links are provided to the websites, CVs, and PhilPapers profiles of the relevant faculty at each program. Additionally, when known, the specialties and willingness of faculty members to work with new graduate students are noted. The primary intended audience is prospective or current graduate students with interests in American Philosophy who want to get the lay of the land by seeing who works where, and on what. Because this is a wiki, this list can be updated and edited. Resources for editing this wiki can be found here:

Pragmatism Cybrary. This list is not quite current but may contain helpful information.

The Pluralist's Guide to Philosophy (TPGP) also makes some recommendations, available here. (Note: this guide is not an official expression of SAAP's views or officially endorsed by SAAP. It is listed as one more source of information.) In addition, the page hosted by SPEP has information and a cautionary note about rankings/lists seems well suited for those interested in American philosophy as well. That statement is here.


"American Idealism--Personalist Ethics" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
"American Idealism--Royce & Hocking" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
"American Mind" syllabus (K. Stikkers) is here.
"American Philosophy" syllabus (K. Parker) is here (PDF)
"American Philosophy, History of" (T. Ruetenik) is here (PDF)
"American Philosophy" syllabus (V. Colapietro) is here (DOC)
"American Philosophy" syllabus (C. Hobbs) is here (DOC)
"American Philosophy" syllabus (L. McBride) is here (DOC)
"American Philosophy" syllabus (S. Rosenbaum) is here (DOC)
"American Philosophy--20th Century" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
"American Pragmatism" syllabus (D. Hildebrand) is here (DOC)
"Classical American Pragmatism" syllabus (T. MacMullan) is here (DOC)
"Contemporary Pragmatism" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
"Contemporary Pragmatism-Rorty Putnam West" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)

"Philosophy in the Progressive Era: John Dewey, Jane Addams and W.E.B. DuBois" syllabus (L. Heldke) is here. (pdf)
"Jane Addams and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: American Philosophers at the Turn of the Century" syllabus (L. Heldke) is here. (pdf)
"Jane Addams" syllabus (L. McBride) is here. (pdf)
"James and Dewey" syllabus (Charlie Hobbs) is here (DOC)
"John Dewey" syllabus (A.G. Rud) is here (DOC)
"John Dewey" syllabus (Tom Alexander) 2008 is here and 2005 is here (DOC)
"John Dewey" syllabus (David Hildebrand) is here (DOC)
"John Dewey and Pragmatism in Public Policy" syllabus (S. Ralston) is here (DOC)

"Latin American Philosophy" syllabus (T. MacMullan) is here (DOC)
"Philosophy of Art" syllabus (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
"Philosophy Americana" syllabus (L. McBride) is here. (DOC)
"Pragmatism and Rhetoric" (S. Stroud) is here (DOC)
"Pragmatism" (S. Haack) is here (.doc) and companion text is here. (.pdf)
"Pragmatism" syllabus (L. McBride) is here. (DOC)
"Pragmatism" with Peirce emphasis (C. Legg) is here. (DOC)
"Process Philosophy" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)
"Process Philosophy-Seminar on Whiteheads Process and Reality" (R. Auxier) is here (DOC)

"Rorty" (R. Goodman) is here (DOC)
"Santayana" (M. Coleman) is here (DOC)
"Santayana's Critique of America (M. Coleman) is here (DOC)

Course Handouts/Paper Topics/Exercises

Chronology John Dewey (Tom Alexander)
Letting Reality Bite: Teaching Peirce to Undergraduates (C. Legg)
Outline of Ch. 1 Experience and Nature (Tom Alexander)
Paper Topics in American Philosophy (David Hildebrand)
Paper Topics in American Philosophy (Stephen Sullivan)
Paper Topics in American Romanticism (Stephen Sullivan)
Final Exam Topics in Classical Pragmatism (T. MacMullan)

Lecture Notes/Powerpoint or other presentations

Susan Haack interview, "Pragmatism, Then and Now" is here (PPT)
Susan Haack Pragmatism Notes is here. (.pdf)
Susan Haack Pragmatism Study Question is here. (.pdf)


"Teaching American Philosophy" (James Campbell). Article is here.(PDF)


Bibliography for teaching American philosophy (James cambell) is here. (DOC)
Bibliography for teaching American philosophy (Kelly Parker) is here.

A Student's Impressions of William James in the late 1880's here.

Audio and Video Resources

NOTE: These are links to websites outside of SAAP. Where possible, I strongly suggest you download a copy of the file(for personal use, of course) and then listen to it. Websites with audio tend to disappear, along with their content, because bandwidth is still costly. Don't expect it to be there forever.

Expertenvideos: Perspectives Of Pragmatism. Dewey Center Köln's video interviews with James Campbell, Vincent Colapietro, Michael Eldridge, Steven Fesmire, Jim Garrison, William Gavin,  James Good, Judith Green, Charlene Haddock Seigfried, Larry Hickman, John McDermott, Hugh McDonald, Matthew Pamental, Gregory Pappas, John Shook, Leonard Waks, Jennifer Welchman (2007-08).

American Philosophy? from Philip McReynolds' film American Philosopher on YouTube, here (streaming video)

John J. McDermott on Pragmatism:
December 3, 2006. Interview with (54 min. streaming audio, here.)

Emerson and the Examined Life WGBH (Robert Pinsky, 1997-2000 poet laureate
Richard Geldard, professor, philosophy, Yeshiva University; David M. Robinson, Emerson scholar) (streaming audio, here )
Emerson: The Mind on Fire, WGBH ( Robert D. Richardson, writer, historian) (streaming audio, here)

Thoreau: Walking with Henry David Thoreau WGBH (Richard Smith, historian, actor, Concord Museum) (streaming audio, here)

Putnam, Rorty, James, and more: A nice collection of links from

Rorty-Putnam Debate and the Pragmatist Revival, from Philip McReynolds' film American Philosopher on YouTube, here (streaming video)
, from Philip McReynolds' film American Philosopher on YouTube, here (streaming video)
Rorty, 2006, Chicago Law School lecture: Rorty on Posner and Dewey. (mp3 here)
Rorty, 2006, on Sirius Radio's show, "RU Sirius". (mp3 here)
Rorty, 10/2005, on Sirius Radio's show, "RU Sirius".(mp3 here)
Rorty, 8/2006, on Sirius Radio's show, "RU Sirius". (mp3 here)

Putnam, 3/2005 at the University of Paris (in English) (mp3 here)
Putnam and Plantinga throw down on God's existence (mp3 here)

Pragmatism on BBC's "In our time." UK take on pragmatism for a popular audience. (streaming audio, here)


The Pragmatism Archive Extensive resources (historical, contemporary, and professional)on pragmatist figures, publications).

John Dewey. Small collection of links on American philosophy, figures, journals.

Jonathan Edwards links are here.

William James. Enormous collection of essays, letters, reviews, and links to other James' sites (reviews, bibliographies, discussion groups, commentary, and more). See also the William James Cybrary, a non-profit research resource for individuals interested in the life, work, and influence of American philosopher William James (1842-1910).

Transcendentalism. American Transcendentalism Web: authors, texts, roots, criticism, bibliographies.

Puritans. Cogently written and organized introduction with bibliography.

WIkipedia entry on "Pragmatism." SAAP members are especially encouraged to make edits and encouraged to modify this entry in the Wikipedia (an introduction is here) or add new ones (where they think appropriate). --Webmaster/Communications Director