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SAAP Annual Meeting 2018

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“We love and adore our fatherland like a goddess:” The Radical Scholastic Nationalism of Pedro Albizu Campos

This paper critically examines political philosophy of Pedro Albizu Campos, a 20th Century political leader and public philosopher from Puerto Rico. In particular, it demonstrates that his apparent similarity to other anti-colonial thinkers of his day like José Vasconcelos and José Martí belies a deeper difference. After contextualizing his work within contemporary political movements such as Arielismo, this paper argues that Albizu’s radical nationalism rested on a philosophical foundation completely distinct from those of his contemporaries, specifically the tradition of Roman Catholic Scholasticism. The paper shows that Albizu’s radical scholastic nationalism marks him as an eclectic political thinker of the Americas whose work complicates common narratives about the history of political philosophy in Latin America and the geography of anti-colonialism in the Americas. Most importantly, Albizu offers much needed insight into Puerto Rico’s ongoing and worsening crisis.

Terrance MacMullan
Eastern Washington University
United States


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