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SAAP Annual Meeting 2018

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Juliet Hooker's Theorizing Race in the Americas. Douglass, Sarmiento, Du Bois and Vasconcelos

Though there have been numerous works devoted to the theorizing of race that has taken place in the Americas, those contributions tend to be somewhat narrow in focus insofar as they either address the US African American tradition or the Latin American one. Juliet Hooker’s book Theorizing Race in the Americas is an groundbreaking achievement, insofar as it has the huge merit of putting in conversation the main works of some of the key figures of both traditions. The session would provide an opportunity for the American philosophical community to come to know better Hooker’s comparative work. This would be highly desirable since her work is relevant to philosophers working on Africana Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy and Philosophy of Race, but it has received so far little attention in the philosophical community since Professor Hooker is, by training, a specialist on government and political science.

Sergio Gallegos
MSU Denver
United States

Juliet Hooker
Brown University
United States

Stephanie Berruz Rivera
William Patterson University
United States

Amir Jaima
Texas A&M University
United States


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