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SAAP Annual Meeting 2018

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Collective Memory, Collective Forgetting

The aim of this panel is to examine how communities bond and strengthen through memory, but also dominate and obscure others through collective forgetting. Each of these papers examines contemporary power dynamics between communities in the Americas. The decedents of enslaved African Americans and white Southerners who identify with Confederate heritage, First Nation Peoples and white settlers in Canada, people with disabilities and able-bodied communities, and African American’s connecting to a physical location and the white gentrification that risks destroying those communities. In all of these examples, there is a dominant community that maintains power, in part, by creating and perpetuating a community of memory that centers on historical narratives that serve the dominant population while actively rendering the historical narratives of others invisible.

Kara Barnette
Westminster College
United States

Nathan Jackson
Capital University
United States

Anna Cook
University of Oregon
United States

Daniel Brunson
Morgan State University
United States

Al Frankowski
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States


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