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SAAP Annual Meeting 2018

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Deweyan Epistemic Situationalism

“Deweyan Epistemic Situationalism” Abstract: This paper puts forth a novel account of epistemological contextualism inspired by the work of John Dewey. There have been attempts recently to give a non-semantic view of contextualism in which knowledge attributions may differ based on non-epistemic factors. By borrowing and adapting the concept of a subject’s situation from Dewey, and combining it with an interpretation of Dewey’s theory of inquiry, problematic cases that purport to spell trouble for non-semantic contextualist accounts can be adequately addressed. The view proposed in this paper, situationalism, it is argued, allows for any objects present in a subject’s situation to accommodate our intuitions and explain them satisfactorily.

Nick Louzon
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
United States


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