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SAAP 2017

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Advancing the Meanings of Justice for All: Deploying Philosophical Pragmatism in Democratic Political Economy

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Diverse theorists have proposed a new paradigm of democratic political economy to replace the dominant “neo-classical” paradigm that failed to predict the global financial crisis of 2008 and to guide reconstruction from the subsequent global recession and related crises this has exacerbated. Their proposals build on earlier work by economists, political scientists, philosophers, and thinkers in other disciplines that criticizes the dominant paradigm’s conception of justice and the public policy prescriptions it guides, as well as its methodology and its background conceptions of the human person, of good thinking, and of the purposes of government and of economic systems. Deploying contemporary philosophical pragmatism in the stream of Dewey, James, Mead, Addams, and Locke can bring these “paradigm rebels” together in an effective, interdisciplinary, public-inclusive collaboration to develop, institute, and actualize a new paradigm that transforms our five-fold global crisis while advancing various meanings of justice they highlight in democracy-deepening ways.


Judith Green    
Fordham University
United States


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