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SAAP 2017

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Against Innocence: James Baldwin and the Weight of History

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Today we are witnessing a renewed interest in James Baldwin’s work. Part of this is due to the Black Lives Matter Movement, which seeks to give voice to the voiceless and bring law enforcement officials who believe they can act with impunity to account. While there are many differences between the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and today’s Black Lives Matter Movement, individuals today are looking to the voices of previous generations for guidance. One of the most profound sources of inspiration and guidance can be found in the work of James Baldwin. Eddie S.Glaude urges a return to Baldwin in order to bring the resources of American Pragmatism to bear on contemporary problems of race in this country. This panel is inspired by Glaude’s efforts.


Corey McCall    
Elmira College
United States

Brad Stone    
Loyola Marymount University
United States

Myron Jackson    
Grand Valley State University
United States


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