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SAAP 2017

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Decolonizing American Philosophy: Rethinking Race and Human Development

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Race in the United States is more often than not discussed as a domestic issue that is acknowledged as tied to the history of slavery but not often thought of in the larger context of colonization. Yet the very idea of race emerged and can be adequately understood only in this context. What we call “American Philosophy” likewise emerged from the contexts of colonization and settlement, and like other products of this culture, bears the scars of a racialized past and present that are the product of a racialized colonialism. As such, work remains to “decolonize” American Philosophy. Thus, American philosophy ought to be reconstructed in view of separating out its racist and neo-colonial aspects from those parts of it that can be used to fight against racism and further the process of decolonization


Phillip McReynolds    
UNC Charlotte
United States

Andrea Pitts    
UNC Charlotte
United States

Sergio Gallegos    
MSU Denver
United States


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