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SAAP 2017

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American philosophy in translation

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The main purpose of this paper is to make a further sally in Richard Bernstein’s retelling of “the global resurgence of pragmatism” and to argue that it can be further recounted and enhanced in the light of American philosophy in translation. I shall, first, elucidate some continuing challenges for pragmatism. In response to these, translation is to be introduced as a useful lens through which to reconstruct pragmatism today. Second, I shall introduce Stanley Cavell’s idea of philosophy as translation and his recounting of American transcendentalism. Translation here is a mode of thinking that confronts America itself with its anxieties and, hence, that elucidates the unsettled boundaries of American philosophy. I shall try to show how Cavell’s unique approach to skepticism is inseparable from his idea of philosophy as translation. In conclusion, I shall discuss the anxieties of inclusion as a key factors in the understanding other cultures.


Naoko Saito    
Kyoto University


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