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SAAP 2017

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Pragmatism and Religion: Peirce, James, and the Persistence of Religion

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Pragmatic inquiry into religious experience is relevant to the study of American philosophy in that it enables fresh illumination in such areas as epistemology, truth claims, ontology, ethics and semiotics. An example would be Robert Cummings Neville’s use of Charles Peirce’s semiotics and approach to religion, an approach he characterizes as evolutionary, empirical, intuitive and of value to a pluralist, comparative theology relevant to a globalized culture.
But the Pragmatism of Peirce and James does not foreclose inquiry into the supernatural and the transcendent, and the proposed panel hopes to demonstrate the viability of Pragmatist inquiry into the textures of modern religious experience, problematizing while exploring evolving conceptions and coherences of experiential religion, transcendence, and what lies beyond naturalism.


Robert King    
Utah State University
United States

Roger Ward    
Georgetown College
United States


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