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SAAP 2017

Full Program

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Thursday, 16 March 2017
Concurrent Session I
Centennial IArlingtonCentennial IIUniversity
Session Chair: Stuart RosenbaumPragmatism And Religion: Peirce, James, And The Persistence Of ReligionRobert King, Utah State University; Roger Ward, Georgetown College Session Chair: Kim GarcharAmerican Philosophy In TranslationNaoko Saito, Kyoto UniversityWho Are Moral Philosophers? Ethics James StyleTodd Lekan , Muskingum UniveristyDiscussant: Kim Garchar Session Chair: Tess VarnerForgetting What One Knows: Unintentional Racism And Lapses Of Good JudgementPhilip Mack, Marquette UniversityImaginative Embodiment: Dewey And The Aesthetic Experience Of Transsexual LiminalityAmy Stewart, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleDiscussant: Tess Varner Session Chair: Brandon UnderwoodThe Ineffable Immediate: Reading Pervasive Qualitative In Dewey’s AestheticsBethany Henning, Southern Illinois UniversityMetaphors Of Embodiment In Musical GestureFelicia Kruse, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleDiscussant: Nicholas Guardiano
Concurrent Session II
Centennial IArlingtonUniversityCentennial II
Session Chair: Jon LaRochelleMary Parker Follett: Social Change, Power And CreativityJudy Whipps, Grand Valley State University; Jon LaRochelle, University of Oregon Session Chair: Seth VannattaFrom Peirce’s Abduction To Lipton’s Inference To The Best Explanation: How Two Historical Developments Fill The GapMousa Mohammadian, University of Notre DameConsequences, Consequences... Semantic Inferentialism In The Later Works Of Peirce And JamesDave Beisecker, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Session Chair: Ermine Algaier

“Du Bois and James at Harvard: The Challenges of Fraternal Pairing and Racial Theory,” Saladin Ambar, Lehigh University

“W.E. B. Du Bois, William James, and Literature,” Harvey Cormier, Stony Brook

“James and The Sorrow Song,” John Kaag, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Session Chair: Lee McBrideAfrican American Contributions To The Americas’ CulturesJacoby Carter, CUNY: John Jay College; Erin McKenna, University of Oregon; Dwayne Tunstall, Grand Valley State University; Corey L. Barnes, Loyola University, Chicago
Plenary I: Address by Evan Milligan (Equal Justice Initiative)
(Heritage II)

Introduction by William T. Myers, Birmingham-Southern College

(Heritage I)

Sponsored by SAAP's Brokers, Christopher Harrington and Eric Poto of Merrill Lynch, Manhattan East Complex.


On Your Own

Friday, 17 March 2017
Concurrent Session III
Heritage IICentennial IArlingtonCentennial II
Session Chair: B. Tamsin Kimoto“invisibility Is An Unnatural Disaster”: Asian American Feminist Theory And PraxisB. Tamsin Kimoto, Emory University; Shireen Roshanravan, Kansas State University; Erika Brown, Villanova University Session Chair: Brandon UnderwoodOn Epistemic OppressionEmily McWilliams, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDialogue, Integration, And Action: Empowering Students, Empowering CommunityDanielle Lake, Grand Valley State University; Hannah Swanson, Student at GVSU; Paula Collier, Community Partner and neighborhood resident, Seeds of Promise Session Chair: Jon LaRochelle

Ongoing Erasure: Antinative Racism and Its Philosophical Origins, Alex R. Steers-McCrum, City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center

Locke and Rorty on Cultural Pluralism, Keunchang Oh, Purdue University

Pragmatic Apostasy: Cornel West’s and Charles Mills’ Standing Away from Philosophy, Benjamin P. Davis, Emory University

Session Chair: Christian Matheis

“How Not To Define Racism: A Reply to Kenneth Stikkers,” Adrian Rutt, Cleveland State University

“Seeing the Unseen: Deconstructing Jane Addams’s Whiteness,” Lindsay Margaret Miller, University of Colorado at Denver

“Social Haunting: Civil Rights, Racist Ideology, and Cultural Constructions of Pain and Liberation,” Mary K. Ryan, Virginia Tech

“On Liberation and Pragmatism: A Basis for Properly Anti-Racist Public Policy,” Christian Matheis, Virginia Tech

Plenary II - Coss Dialogue Lecture: Rev. Dr. Thandeka (Affect Theologian in Residence at Andover Newton Theological Seminary)
(Heritage II)

Introduction by Mark Johnson (University of Oregon)

ArlingtonBoard Room

On Your Own

Concurrent Session IV
Heritage IICentennial ICentennial IIArlington
Session Chair: Chris Tirres


V. Denise James, University of Dayton

Mariana Alessandri, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

Gregory Pappas, Texas A&M University

Respondent: Rev. Dr. Thandeka, Affect Theologian in Reisdence at Andover Newton Theological Seminary

Session Chair: Philip MackThe Rhythms Of Nature: John Dewey's Syncopated OntologyPaul Benjamin Cherlin, Southern Illinois University, CarbondaleWarranting Assertions: John Dewey And Values In ScienceZachary Piso, Michigan State UniversityDiscussant: Jim Garrison Session Chair: Lara TroutCountering Dehumanization In Genocide: Paulo Freire And Thomas Norton-smith On Humans And AnimalsLauren Eichler, University of OregonHomo Sacer, The Myth Of Human Rights, And The Status Of The Stateless: A Postcolonial Feminist AnalysisSabeen Ahmed, Vanderbilt UniversityDiscussant: Anthony Sean Neal Session Chair: Jacoby Carter

The Imperatives of Peace: Alain Locke’s Justification of Cosmopolitan Principles, Corey L. Barnes, Loyola University, Chicago

This Philosophy Kills Devils: Alain Locke's Pluralism, King's Nonviolence, and Nazaretyan's Looming Singularity, Greg Moses, Texas State University

Critically Pragmatic Dimensions of Alain Locke’s Philosophy of Cultural Democracy and Peace, Jacoby Adeshei Carter, CUNY: John Jay College

Concurrent Session V
Heritage IICentennial ICentennial IIUniversityArlington
Session Chair: Nate JacksonAmerican Philosophy And Disability: Implications From Lived ExperienceDaniel Brunson, Morgan State University; Justin Bell, University of Houston, Victoria; Sarah Woolwine, University of Central Oklahoma; Nate Jackson, Capital University Session Chair: Gabriel SoldatenkoWho Are We In The Aftermath Of Colonization? Racialization, Gangs, Carnales Chicanxs, And Internalized Racism.Gabriel Soldatenko, Kennesaw State University Session Chair: Robert KingAddams’s Anti-imperialist Arguments Against Domestic RacismMarilyn Fischer, University of Dayton"integration" In Classical Pragmatist Philosophy Of ReligionAaron Shepherd, Emory UniversityDiscussant: Anthony Cashio Session Chair: Jeffrey MorriseyUnderstanding Race, Resisting Racism: Racial Experience As Bioculturally Embodied Difference And Political PossibilitiesGabriel Torres Colón, Vanderbilt UniversityLiving Borders: On The Vagueness Of My Idenity As An American PhilosopherAlexander Stehn, UT-Rio Grande ValleyDiscussant: Alfred E. Prettyman Session Chair: Jacquelyn Kegley

Opening remarks: Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley, California State University, Bakersfield

"Royce’s Phenomenology," Jason M. Bell, University of New Brunswick, Canada

“Royceanizing Peirce’s Normative Sciences,” Richard Atkins, Boston College

“‘All God’s Winds are Blowing’: Josiah Royce, Indian Philosophy and the Hermeneutic of Insight,” Caleb Ingram, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale



On Your Own

Saturday, 18 March 2017
FoyerHeritage II
Concurrent Session VI
Centennial ICentennial IIArlingtonUniversity
Session Chair: Phillip McReynoldsDecolonizing American Philosophy: Rethinking Race And Human DevelopmentPhillip McReynolds, UNC Charlotte; Andrea Pitts, UNC Charlotte; Sergio Gallegos, MSU Denver Session Chair: Celia Bardwell-JonesAlain Locke’s Pluralistic Cosmopolitanism As A Response To The Integrationist And Nationalist/separatist DebateEmily Humbert, Southern Illinois University-CarbondaleHermeneutic Opacity As A Condition For Racial Integration: An Epistemological AccountJorge Montiel, Marquette UniversityDiscussant: William R. Caspary Session Chair: Roger WardHow Should Pragmatists Think About Evidence-based Medicine?S. Joshua Thomas, St. John's UniversityAdvancing The Meanings Of Justice For All: Deploying Philosophical Pragmatism In Democratic Political EconomyJudith Green, Fordham UniversityDiscussant: David Woods Session Chair: Joseph UrbasReenvisioning James’s 1897 Ingersoll Lecture On Human Immortality: A Radical Empiricist Defense Of IrrationalityErmine Algaier, Harvard Divinity SchoolThe Existential Pluralism In James’s Radical EmpiricismJ. Edward Hackett, Notre Dame CollegeDiscussant: Phil Oliver
Board Room

On Your Own

Concurrent Session VII
UniversityCentennial ICentennial IIArlington
Session Chair: Corey McCallAgainst Innocence: James Baldwin And The Weight Of HistoryCorey McCall, Elmira College; Brad Stone, Loyola Marymount University; Myron Jackson , Grand Valley State University Session Chair: Kim GarcharUtilizing Royce’s Notion Of Atonement To Aid In Offender ReentryRyan Grumberg, SIUC Dept. of PhilosophyThe Post-racial Crisis Of Collective Memory: Lynching, Race Realism, And MourningAlfred Frankowski, Northeastern Illinois UniversityDiscussant: Jacquelyn Kegley Session Chair: Seth VannattaThe Problem Of Dewey's "metaphysics" And The "generic Traits Of Existence"Thomas Alexander, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleThe Flipped Curriculum: John Dewey And Higher EducationAaron Stoller, Colorado CollegeDiscussant: Seth Vannatta Session Chair: Mark Sanders

"The Liberal Ironist and the Limits of Ethnocentrism," Sharyn Clough, Oregon State University

"Hegel and Rorty on the Private-Public Distinction," Brandon Hogan, Howard University

"Rorty on Literature and Moral Progress," Richard Hart, Bloomfield College

Concurrent Session VIII
Centennial ICentennial IIHeritage IIArlington
Session Chair: V. Denise JamesNew Media And Old Pragmatists: Meadian Sociality In The InfosphereAndrew Garnar, Clemson UniversityThinking With Feeling: James On Affective States And PhilosophizingKyle Bromhall, University of GuelphDiscussant: Jeffrey Morrisey Session Chair: Lisa HeldkePlacental Ethics: Addressing Colonial Legacies And Imagining Culturally Safe And Pragmatic Responses To Health Care In Hawai‘iCelia Bardwell-Jones, University of Hawai'i at HiloRorty And Royce On The Cultural Politics Of Community, Loyalty, And JusticeChristopher Voparil, Union Institute & UniversityDiscussant: David Henderson Session Chair: Anthony Sean NealThe Americas Seek Not Enlightenment But Liberation: Anti-racism As The Foundations For An “american” Liberatory TraditionGrant Silva, Marquette UniversityDiscussant: Brandon Underwood Session Chair: Gregory Fernando Pappas

Preserving Dialogue and Democratic Ideals: John Dewey and Philosophy for Children, Charles Royal Carlson, Sam Houston State University

Towards Democracy Worth Wanting: Salvaging Public Deliberation in the Era of Donald Trump, David E. Meens, University of Colorado Boulder

Plenary III
(Heritage II)
Plenary IV: Founders Lecture - Leonard Harris (Purdue University)
(Heritage II)

Introduction by Scott Pratt, University of Oregon

(Heritage I)

Entertainment provided by Birmingham-Southern College's One A-Chord Gospel Choir.


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