Past Conferences Programs - 2002

MARCH 7-9, 2002

Conference Theme: The Emotions and American Philosophy

Thursday, March 7

2:00-5:00 Registration
Book Display - Oxford & Somerset Rooms

3:30-5:15 Concurrent Sessions

Special Session - Feminist Philosophy in the American Tradition - Cumberland Room
Chair: Judy Whipps, Grand Valley State University
Speaker: Maurice Hamington, Lane Community College
Jane Addams' Disruptive Emotional Epistemology
Speaker: Rebecca Rozelle
Embracing the Other: Remembering Emotions in a Precarious World
Speaker: Dorothy Rogers, Montclair State University
Empathy and the Rational State in the political Theory of Marietta Kies

Discussion Paper Session - Applications of Pragmatism ?Lincoln Room
Chair: James Campbell, University of Toledo
Speaker: Elias Khalil, American Institute for Economic Research
John Dewey, Embodied Cognition and Economic Theory: Towards a Theory of Entrepeneuership
Commentator: Frank Ryan, Kent State University
Speaker: Anthony Weston, Elon College
Toward A Really Practical Ethics
Commentator: Lara Trout, Penn State University

7:30-9:00 Plenary Session? Coss Dialogues - Luther Bonney Auditorium, Portland
Campus, University of Southern Maine
(Buses will depart the Holiday Inn for the USM Portland Campus at 6:45 and at 7:00 PM.)
Chair: Charlene Haddock Seigfried, Purdue University
Welcome: Richard L. Pattenaude, President, University of Southern Maine
Speaker: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, The C.S. and D.J. Davidson Professor of Psychology,
Claremont Graduate University
The Quality of Experience and the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist's View
Commentator: James Pawelski, Albright College

9:00-11:00 Reception - Campus Center A, B, C, Portland Campus, University of Southern Maine
(Buses will depart USM campus for the Holiday Inn at 11:00 and 11:15 PM.)

Friday, March 8

7:45-9:00 Breakfast Book Discussions?Port of Call Restaurant, Holiday Inn by the Bay
(All sessions on Friday March 8 and Saturday March 9 will be held in the Holiday Inn By the Bay.)
Erin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran University
The Task of Utopia: A Pragmatist and Feminist Perspective (Rowman and Littlefield, 2001)
Shannon Sullivan, Penn State University
Living Across and Through Skins (Indiana University Press, 2001)

8:00-9:00 Continental Breakfast - Oxford & Somerset Rooms

8:30-5:00 Registration
Book Displays - Oxford & Somerset Rooms

9:00-10:45 Concurrent Sessions

Special Session Coss Dialogues - York Room
Chair: Charlene Haddock Seigfried, Purdue University
Discussants: John Lachs, Vanderbilt University
John Stuhr, Pennsylvania State University
Michael Eldridge, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Paper Session - Pragmatism, Politics, and Education - Cumberland Room
Chair: Jim Good, Rice University
Speaker: Bob Talisse, Vanderbilt University
Against Hopeless Liberalism: A Jamesian-Pragmatic Critique of Rorty's Politics
Commentator: Phillip Deen, Southern Illinois University
Speaker: Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech.
Reflections on Whitman, Dewey, and Educational Reform: Reclaiming
"Democratic Vistas"
Commentator: Pat Dooley, St. Bonaventure University

Paper Session - Pragmatism and Emotions I - Kennebec Room
Chair: Philip McReynolds, Gonzaga University
Speaker: Gregory M. Fahy, Gannon University
Being Properly Affected: Emotion in John Dewey's Virtue Ethics
Commentator: Patrick Shade, Rhodes College
Speaker: Donald Koch, Michigan State University
The Significance Of The Emotions In Dewey's Account Of Moral Inquiry
Commentator: Michael Allen, Southern Illinois University

Panel Discussion - William James's Varieties: Emotions as/in Religious Experience - Lincoln Room?Sponsored by The William James Society
Chair: Bill Gavin, University of Southern Maine
Speaker: Phil Oliver
Varieties of Emotional Experience: James's Radical Turn
Speaker: Lynn Claire Bridgers, Emory University, Graduate Division of Religion
Embodied Emotion: The Centrality of Caritas in William James?s Varieties
Respondent: David C. Lamberth, Harvard University Divinity School

Poster Session? The Structure and Compositional History of Peirce's How to Reason - Oxford & Somerset Rooms
Presenter: Cornelis de Waal, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

10:45-11:15 Break and Refreshments - Oxford & Somerset Rooms

11:15-12:15 Presidential Address - New Hampshire Room
Herman Saatkamp, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis
Reflections on the Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy

12:15-1:30 Lunch Break
Executive Committee Meeting & Lunch?Massachusetts Room

12: 15-1:30 Attention: Special trip to the USM Osher Map Library. The Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education is the only separately established rare map library in northern New England. The collection comprises fine examples of original maps, atlases, geographies and globes spanning the years from 1475 to the present. A special show entitled "Images of America, 1500-1900," will be put together for the SAAP Conference. Space is limited to 15 people, the number of occupants the USM van can accommodate. Reservations are necessary. There will be a sign-up sheet at the SAAP conference Registration desk. The van will depart the Holiday Inn at 12:15; it will leave the Osher Map Library at 1:15. The exhibition is limited in scope and should easily be completed within 1 hour. It is free of charge to those who have registered for the conference.

1:30-3:15 Concurrent Sessions

Paper Session - Santayana on Emotions ?Cumberland Room
Chair: Marjorie Miller, State University of New York at Purchase
Speaker: Jessica Wahman, Dickinson College
The Place of Feeling in Santayana's Epistemology
Speaker: Todd Lekan, Muskingum College
Healing the Rage Against Contingency: Santayana's Therapy
Commentator: John Lachs, Vanderbilt University

Paper Session - James and the Philosophy of Language ?Kennebec Romm
Chair: Cornelius de Waal, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Speaker: Henry Jackman, York University
James, Intentionality and Analysis
Commentator: Gary Cesarz, Southeast Missouri State University
Speaker: David Boersema, Pacific University
James on Names and Reference
Commentator: Tom Burke, University of South Carolina

Paper Session -Dewey, James, and the Emotions ?Lincoln Room
Chair: Erik Anderson, Penn State University
Speaker: Don Morse, Webster University
Dewey's Account of The Emotions?And Why It Matters
Commentator: Martin Coleman, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Speaker: Mark Johnson, University of Oregon
Cowboy Bill Rides Herd on the Range of Consciousness
Commentator: Robert Innis, University of Massachusetts at Lowell
Homing in on the Range

Panel Discussion - In Search of the Americas ?York Room
Chair: Vincent Colapietro, Pennsylvania State University
Speaker: Daniel G. Campos, Pennsylvania State University
Thinking a la Intemperie
Speaker: Omar Rivera, Pennsylvania State University
Octavio Paz and the Complicity between Poetry and Technology

3:15-3:45 - Break and Refreshments?Oxford & Somerset Rooms

3:45-5:30? Concurrent Sessions

Paper Session -Pragmatism, Religion and the Sublime ?York Room
Chair: Andrew Reck, Tulane University
Speaker: Richard Gilmore, Concordia College
An Emotional Turn: Dewey's Experience and Nature as a Treatise on the Sublime
Commentator: Richard Hart, Bloomfield College
Speaker: Doug Anderson, Pennsylvania State University
Peirce's Common Sense Marriage of Religion and Science
Commentator: Marcia Moen, University of Hartford

Paper Session - Du Bois and Dewey - Lincoln Room
Chair: Dwight Goodyear, New School and Fairleigh Dickinson University
Speaker: Terrance Macmullan, University of Oregon
Treasure Hidden in the Field: The Significance of Biblical Metaphor within
W.E.B. Du Bois's Conception of Race

Commentator: Kimberly Garchar, University of Oregon
Speaker: Naoko Saito, University of Tokyo
Pragmatism and the Tragic Sense: Deweyan Growth in an Age of Nihilism
Commentator: Ray Boisvert, Siena College

Discussion Paper Session - Language and Judgment - Kennebec Room
Chair: T.B.A.
Speaker: Laura Weed, The College of St. Rose
Experience as the Root of Language Development
Commentator: Jeff Mitchell, Arkansas Tech
Speaker: Kathleen Wallace, Hofstra University
Emotion, Judgment and Autonomy: Buchlerian Resources for Addressing Feminist Concerns
Commentator: Felicia Kruse, Xavier University

Panel Discussion - Dewey and Habermas: A Public Confronting its Problems - Cumberland Room
Chair: William Lewis, Skidmore College
Speaker: Michael Sullivan, Emory University
Habermas and Dewey: The Problems of the Public
Speaker: Evan Haney, University of Oregon
Dewey and Habermas: Inquiry

Speaker: John Lysaker, University of Oregon
Dewey and Habermas: Liberalism

5:45-6:45? Business Meeting - New Hampshire Room

7:15-8:15? Reception - Connecticut & Rhode Island Rooms

8:30-10:00 Banquet - Vermont Room

Saturday, March 9

7:45-9:00? Breakfast Book Discussions?Port of Call Restaurant, Holiday Inn by the Bay
Cynthia Willett, Emory University
The Soul of Justice: Social Bonds and Racial Hubris (Cornell University Press,?2001)
Leonard Harris, Purdue University
American Philosophies: An Anthology (co-edited with Scott L. Pratt and Anne Waters, Blackwell
Publishing, 2002).

8:00-9:00 Continental Breakfast--Oxford & Somerset Rooms

8:30-12:00 Registration
Book Exhibit - Oxford & Somerset Rooms

9:00-10:45 Concurrent Sessions

Discussion Paper Session - Women Mystics and Pragmatist Metaphysics - Cumberland Room
Chair: Rebecca Carr, George Washington University
Speaker: Tadd Ruetenik, Purdue University
Disclosing William James: A Tough-Minded Male Philosopher Copes with
Tender Minded Women Mystics

Commentator: Janet Handy, Southern Illinois University
Speaker: Bill Myers, Birmingham Southern College
Pragmatist Metaphysics: A Defense
Commentator: Gary Calore, Penn State University, Abington

Special Session - Graduate Student Papers - Kennebec Room
Chair: Matt Flamm, Southern Illinois University
Speaker: Andrew F. Smith, SUNY Stony Brook
The Philosopher and the Political Life: William James and the Motivation for
Political Participation
Commentator: Harvey Cormier, SUNY Stony Brook
Speaker: Dana McDonald, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Achieving Unity Through Uniqueness: Mary Whiton Calkin's Proof of the
Immortality of the Soul
Commentator: Eugenie Gatens-Robinson, Southern Illinois University
Speaker: Joe Kallo, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
A Critique of Susanne Langer's Esthetics
Commentator: Randy Auxier, Southern Illinois University

Special Session - Race, Patriotism, and the Moral Emotions - York Room - Sponsored by Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy
Chair: Judith Green, Fordham University
Speaker: David McClean, New School University,
Cultural Deflation and the Question of Racial Conservation
Speaker: Alfred Prettyman, Ramapo College of New Jersey,
The Civil Smother: Folkways of Renewed Racism in the U.S.
Commentator: William Crider, University of Toledo & Bowling Green State

Panel Discussion - A Pragmatic Hermeneutics: The Role of Interpretation in Dewey?s Philosophy ?Lincoln Room
Chair: Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech.
Speaker: Thomas Alexander, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
The Memory of Tragedy and the Hope of Beauty: Pragmatic Hermeneutics
Speaker: Brendan Hogan, Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science,
The New School University
Imagination, Interpretation and a Pragmatic Hermeneutics

Commentator: William Lewis, Skidmore college

10:45-11:15 Break and Refreshments - Oxford & Somerset Rooms

11:15-1:00 Concurrent Sessions

Paper Session -Pragmatism and Emotions II - York Room
Chair: Marcia Moen, University of Hartford
Speaker: Charlene Haddock Seigfried, Purdue University
Our Emotional and Practical Subjectivity: Taking Perspectives Seriously
Commentator: Judy Whipps, Grand Valley State University
Speaker: Vincent Colapietro, Pennsylvania State University
Bodies in Commotion: Toward a Pragmatic Account of Human Emotions
Commentator: Cynthia Gayman

Paper Session? The Logic of Pragmatism ?Lincoln Room
Chair: Scott L. Pratt, University of Oregon
Speaker: Zachary Shank, University of New Mexico
The Argumentative Structure of Disobedience
Commentator: TBA
Speaker: Hans Seigfried, Loyola University
Why Good Habits Are Not Good Enough: Dewey's Plea for a Method of
Moral and Political Diagnosis and Prognosis

Commentator: Jayne Tristan, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Paper Session - Reason and Emotion - Kennebec Room
Chair: Jaime Marcio, South Texas Community College
Speaker: Jeff Kasser, Colby College, Nishi Shah of Amherst College
Our Passional Nature and Our Intellectual Obligations: Toward an
Expressivist Reading of William James

Commentator: Matt Flamm, Southern Illinois University
Speaker: Heather Keith, Lyndon State College
Consequences of Reason: Philosophical Roots of Dehumanization and a Pragmatic Response
Commentator: Micah Hester, Mercer University

Panel Discussion- Art and Politics: Alain L. Locke?s Aesthetic Pluralism -Cumberland Room
Chair: Terrance MacMullen, University of Oregon
Speaker: Leonard Harris, Purdue University
Aesthetic Agency: Locke and Du Bois
Speaker: Ann K. Clark, St. Mary?s College
Thinking (with Locke) About Three Works of Abstract Art
Speaker: Sally J. Scholz, Villanova University
Individual and Community: Artistic Representation in Locke?s Politics

1:00-2:15 Lunch Break
Vanderbilt University Press Meeting & Lunch?Boardroom

2:15-4:00 Concurrent Sessions

Discussion Paper Session? Hope and Eating ?Cumberland Room
Chair: Ray Boisvert, Sienna College
Speaker: Judith Green, Fordham University
Democratic Epistemology: The (In)Compatibility of Knowledge and Social Hope?
Commentator: Andrew Light, New York University
Speaker:Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College
The (Extensive) Pleasures of Eating
Commentator: Glenn Kuehn, Mississippi State University
Ignorance, Knowledge, Bliss, Despair...How Much "Extensive" Eating Can We Handle?

Paper Session Pragmatism and History -Kennebec Room
Chair: Peter Hare, State University of New York at Buffalo
Speaker: John Capps, Rochester Institute of Technology
Pragmatism and the McCarthy Era
Commentator: Jim Good, Rice University
Speaker: David Hildebrand
History is in the Making: Pragmatism, Realism, and Knowledge of the Past
Commentator: Randy Auxier, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Paper Session- Common Sense and Law -Lincoln Room
Chair: Paul Santilli, Siena College
Speaker: Robert Lane, North Georgia College and State University
Peirception: Critical Common-sensism about Perception
Commentator: Michael Ventigmilia, Sacred Heart
Speaker: Frederick Kellogg, The George Washington University
Ideology, Political Emotion, and the Law: Misunderstanding Constitutional
Pragmatism on the Supreme Court

Commentator: David Meeler, Winthrop University

Panel Discussion - Pragmatism, Emotions, and Non-human Animals York Room
Chair: Gary Calore, Penn State University, Abington
Speaker: Steven Fesmire, Siena College
Dewey on Emotion and Imagination in Animals: Pragmatism, or Paleopragmatism
Speaker: Phillip McReynolds, Gonzaga University
Community, Communication, and Emotions: The Unique Contribution of
Pragmatism to the Question of the Moral Standing of Non-human Animals
Speaker:? Erin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran University
Mammalian Brains and Beyond: The Necessity of Emotions

4:00-4:30 - Break and Refreshments?Oxford & Somerset Rooms

4:30-6:00 - Closing Plenary Session?Cumberland, Kennebec, and Lincoln Rooms
Chair: Shannon Sullivan, Penn State University
Speaker: Naomi Scheman, University of Minnesota
Once More, with Feeling: The Role of Feminism in the Revitalization of Philosophy in the U.S.
Respondant: Nancy Tuana, Penn State University

ATTENTION. Special MIDNIGHT trip to L.L Bean, in Freeport, Maine. March 9, 10:00PM-1:00AM. Famous for its quality, innovative sporting gear, comfortable, durable apparel and friendly outdoor experts, L.L. Bean is a favorite stop for people from all over the world. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Coach bus will depart the Holiday Inn at 10:00PM and drive to Freeport (approximately one-half hour). Two hours will be allowed for shopping. Bus will depart Freeport at 12:30 AM, returning to the Holiday Inn at approximately 1:00AM. Space is limited (one bus, 48 seats) and reservations are necessary. Look for sign up sheets at SAAP registration desk. This trip is free to those who have registered for the SAAP conference.

Sunday, March 10

10 am-11 am VIP tour of the Portland Museum of Art, (with thanks to Fred Kellogg).

Located just one short block from the Holiday Inn, the museum's collection of fine and decorative arts dates from the 18th century to the present. Works by Winslow Homer,John Singer Sargent, Rockwell Kent, Marsden Hartley, and Andrew Wyeth showcase the unique artistic heritage of Maine. The museum is housed in an award-winning building, which opened in 1983, designed by I. M. Pei & Partners. The tour is free of charge.

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